What is Founders Day?

PTAs throughout California give Founders Day awards “in special recognition of outstanding service to children and youth.” The LCHS PTSA Founders Day Awards celebrate the achievements and dedication of LCHS staff members, parent volunteers, and/or community members. Nominations for the current school year were solicited until January 15, 2022. Winners were announced in mid February and the winners, listed below, were celebrated at the Founders Day Tribute held at the La Canada High School Auditorium on Thursday March 17, 2022.

The LCHS PTSA Founders Day co-chairs for this year were Holly Biondo and Jamie Abrahamian. If you have any questions, you may contact then at ptaprograms@lchsptsa.org.


Winners for 2022

Here are the winners for the 2021-22 school year, announced on February 14, 2022:


Kelli Kunkle-Day

(Honorary Service Award)

Above and Beyond:

Kelli and her family moved to La Cañada 11 years ago and she immediately stepped into volunteering where she could actively engage in her daughters’ schools. At PCY she was Art Docent for 4 years, Harvest Festival Co-Chair for 1 year, Holiday Teacher Luncheon Co-Chair for 4 years, on the PTA Executive Board for 2 years, Book Fair Assistant Chair for 3 years, and Room Rep twice. She was also on the planning committees for the Country Fair, Colonial Day, 6th grade play and 6th grade Fun Day. At LCHS Kelli served on the PTSA Executive Board for 4 years as Recording Secretary, as VP Programs and on two separate nominating committees. Kelli helped the Senior Planning Committee and administration navigate a Rose Bowl contract for graduation and serves as Team Mom for the LCHS Girls Water Polo Team.  Within the community, Kelli has been a Girl Scout Leader and an active member of the local National Charity League, Inc. Glendale Chapter. She led this organization of 300+ members as President from 2020-2021 during the difficult first year of the pandemic.

Life Highlights:

Kelli has two daughters, Kadyn a sophomore at LCHS and Jayli a 2021 LCHS graduate and currently a freshman at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Kelli and her husband John will have been married for 30 years this summer!  Kelli is an artist and graphic designer. Kelli enjoys painting, her daily walks/hikes, exploring new neighborhoods and restaurants, seeing live music, traveling, reading and cheering her daughters on at their sporting events.


Jonathan Saveedra

(LCHS Mathematics Teacher)
Above and Beyond:

Jonathan is a 12 year veteran teacher, 5 of which have been spent in the La Canada School District.  He has served as a LCHS basketball coach for 4 years, as varsity head coach of the girl's program this year and regularly chaperones school events.  Jonathan has been a club advisor and class advisor for numerous LCHS student organizations.  He has created remarkable connections with his students who describe him as teaching with confidence, clarity and unwavering optimism, and creating an atmosphere where students feel included and safe.  In fact, past students regularly seek him out to share their accomplishments both in math and their lives in general.  

Life Highlights:
In his off time, Jonathan enjoys watching sports, playing golf, traveling, and incorporating mindfulness practices.


Cindy Calm

(LCHS Mathematics Teacher / Math Department Chair)

Above and Beyond:

Cindy is a long-standing cherished teacher at LCHS.  She has been a member of the math department at LCHS for 21 years and currently serves as Math Department Chair as well as faculty advisor for the Math Club and Math Valkyries.  She is the advisor for the Class of 2022 and has worked with four other graduating classes throughout the years. For several years she has helped with Proms, Homecoming parades and dances, Monte Carlo events, grad nights, senior class trips, and numerous fundraising events and was especially instrumental in pulling off Prom during a pandemic.  She has served as ASB class advisor several times, as faculty advisor for and Juniors for Seniors Clubs as well as Pep Squad advisor for six years.  Students, staff and parents alike describe her as someone who always finds a way to give extra time and energy to making LCHS a better experience for all students, even with her own busy home life.


Life Highlights:
A graduate of LCHS herself, Cindy has three children, Alexis (7th grader at LCHS 7-8), Margaux (2n grade at LCE), and Miles (Lighted Window Preschool). She enjoys baking and cooking, reading, and making crafts with her children, as well as family trips to Disneyland.


Mijung Konakov

(LCHS Staff / Parent Volunteer)
Above and Beyond:

Beyond her amazing work with students at LCHS, Mijung as served as President of KAPA, the Korean American Parents Association at LCHS and Co-Chair of Korean Outreach at PCY from 2019 - 2021.  She posts school information on KAPA social media, translates school documents from English into Korean and organizes parent volunteers to support teachers and students at LCHS.  Mijung served as a committee parent member of the secondary school reopening committee, LCUSD June 2020 - May 2021 where she researched how overseas schools cope with pandemic crisis and provided valuable information regarding schooling in South Korea during COVID-19 pandemic, and provided informative messages from committee to Korean parents group in Korean translation.  Mijung also serves as a

Paraprofessional II at LCHS and an Instructional Assistant supervising students in specialized programs, assisting students in performing school daily routines, taking notes and completing homework.


Life Highlights:
Mijung has 2 children at LCHS and 1 child at PCY.  She enjoys sewing, crocheting, reading, hiking with dogs, and making balloon animals for children.

Wayne Page

(Parent Volunteer)

Above and Beyond:  

Wayne is the current President and a six year board member of the La Canada Music Parents Association which oversees the LCHS 7-12 students in Marching Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, Drumline, ensembles and Color Guard, and raises funds to support the 7-12 Instrumental Music Program’s approximately $250,000 costs and 13 instructors.  Wayne raised over $100,000 with the Spartan Boosters, MPA and LCUSD to design, build and purchase the equipment to create the first-ever campus LCHS Recording Studio that allows the students in the LCHS 7-12 Instrumental Music Program, Choral Program, Theater Program and LCTV to fully collaborate, and led to the creation of the first Recording Arts class. Wayne has served as a Director of the LCHS Spartan Boosters for 6 years and  created and produced a 4-hour telethon “Boostathon: La Canada’s Got Talent”, that was live-streamed Spring 2021 on YouTube to fundraise for the Spartan Boosters.  The event featured new performances, videos, film/TV shorts, and comedy performances, athletic highlights, and video and zoom performances of over 900 students from the past few years and raised over $65,000 that was given to support LCHS 7-12 arts, athletics and enrichment clubs. Wayne served as President of the La Canada Elementary Dad’s Committee / Club for 3 years, which supported PTA and fundraising events, and created new events like the Father-Daughter Luau. Wayne has coached several AYSO soccer teams, Foothill Hoops basketball and La Canada Softball teams, served as Girl Scout Troop Cookie Chair and been a PTA member for 10 years.


Life Highlights

Wayne has 2 daughters at LCHS, Emma Page (12th grade) & Grace Page (10th grade). Outside of being a Dad and LCUSD and community volunteer, he is a multi-EMMY Award winning Producer, Writer, Director for Film & TV, and a Marketing / Branding Consultant for his company Compelling Entertainment. I’ve been a writer and musician my whole life, and love writing sketch comedy, TV shows, Movies and currently a historical drama epic. He plays guitar, tennis and golf, and especially loves cooking.  His favorite hobby through the years has been being a spectator at his daughter’s soccer, basketball, softball games, swim meets, gymnastics, dance, theater and clarinet, flute and piano performances.



Past LCHS 9-12 Founders Day Award Winners

(Honorary Service Award unless otherwise indicated.)

Year Winner Award Type
2021 Justin Luthey  
Brent Beaty  
Marybeth Henry & Harrison  
Tamar Tujian  
Jack Mackenzie  
2020 Kelly Armaly  
Sun R. Chung  
Maria Videla Juniel  
Jeremy and Julie Milbrodt  
Bill Lively  
Rachel Zooi  
Alice Hastings  
2019 Justin Valassidis  
Laura Deans  
Susan Moore  
Frances Delgatty  
Judy Kwon  
2018      David Haxton  
Bob Huson  
Mike Kauffman  
Natalie Kouyoumdjian  
Lori Moody (Haxton)  Golden Oak
Chris Roberts  Continuing Service
2017     Sarah Beattie  
Sonia Bradley  Continuing Service
Christie Clarkson  Continuing Service
Laura Strametz  Golden Oak
Victor Torres  
2016      Leanne Forshager  
 A.J. Jones  
Ian McFeat  
Rosanne Morrison  
Linda Richman  Continuing Service
Merissa Sadler  
2015     Maureen Borland Continuing Service
Carlos Martinez  
Vineda Mitchell  
Lucy Pelletier  
Kathy Seuylemezian  
2014      Reda Hanna  
Kathy Harb Continuing Service
Samantha Heer Continuing Service
Celina Lew Continuing Service
Gayle Nicholls-Ali  
Vicki Schwartz  
2013      Justin Eick  
Jennifer Herzer  
Deena Keys  
Lori Moody (Haxton) Continuing Service
Joy Smith  
Jason Stone  
2012     Christie Frandsen Continuing Service
Becky Lankey Continuing Service
Jamie Lewsadder  
Jackie Luzak Continuing Service
Sue Wright Continuing Service
2011     Jeff Brookey  
Shelley Buck  
Linda Kimball  
Anne Tryba  
Steve Zimmerman  
2010      Paul & Cindy Gilbert  
Mo Hurlbutt  
Rick Mohney  
Cayce Sheppard Continuing Service
Sally Spangler  
The 2009 LCHS Grad Night Committee  
2009     Claudia Alequin  
Damon Dragos  
Hilary Gregg  
Cynthia Roye  
Daniel Yoder  
2008     Christine Burrows  
Jim Cartnal  
Karen Mathison Golden Oak
Deputy Todd Samms  
Tom Traeger  
2007     Jim Harvey  
Michele Listo  
Linda Matchie  
Randy Strapazon  
Beth Waas  
2006     Joanne Davidson  
Susan Fleming  
Laura Hicklin  
Melinda Horwith  
Joanne Lew  
2005     Jean Kawakami Continuing Service
Mike Leininger Continuing Service
Mary Motia Continuing Service
Tom Reynolds  
Lorie Marie Rios  
2004     Judy Cosgrove  
Rita Harwood  
Christine Kim  
LCHS Music Parents  
Aileen Peterson  
2003     Kim Beattie  
Cathy Geisbauer  
Mary Jane Hufstedler Continuing Service
Kathy Kumagai  
Morgan Spiecker Golden Oak
2002      Terry Engler  
Jan Guerrero  
Vicki Ho  
Karen Kiefer  
Lindsay Ward Continuing Service
Tanya Wilson  
2001     Linda Fors  
Myrna McCune  
Karen Mealiffe Continuing Service
Bob Miller Continuing Service
Ginny Wetzel  
2000     Craig Franzen  
Kathryn Mayer  
Georgia Moses  
Wes Seastrom  
Richard Weld  
1999     Debra Dane  
Phil Despard  
Lindsay Epstein Continuing Service
Mary Lou Langedyke Continuing Service
Javier Rocha  
1998      Randy & Mike Bayard  
Michael Carney  
Anthony Dicks Very Special Person
Julie Miller  
Wendy Nicoll Continuing Service
Hope Ricewasser  
1997    Pat & Harold Henderson  
John Kelsey Continuing Service
Julie Miller  
Carol Mollet Continuing Service
1996      Patty Compeau Continuing Service
Mary Ruth Dicks  
Carri Pollock Continuing Service
Dallas Raines Honorary Life
Mimi Song  
Lani Wile Continuing Service
1995     Sherrill Carbonetti Golden Oak
Kavitha Krishnan  
Nancy Pickett  
Elizabeth Rose Continuing Service
Mary Walsten  
1994   Jinny Dalbeck  
Cappy Mieding  
Ellie Slack  
1993   Louie Bilowitz  
Carol Brown  
Martha Osher  
1992    Charlene Cundey  
Mary Jane Huffstedler  
Carol Pollock Continuing Service
Margo Walter  
1991    Marina Chahine  
Tema Halpern  
John Siegler  
Cynthia Smither  
1990     Doug Coe Continuing Service
Bonnie Falin  
Tom Hofman  
Noreen Kukkonen  
Carol Liu  
1989    Evie Aguilar  
Nancy Evans  
Susan Hamre  
Fred Hansen  
1988   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bender Certificate of Appreciation
Elizabeth Rose  
Dede Whitney  
1987     Voytek Dolinski  
Becky Gelhaar  
Mary Lou Langdyke  
Karen Mealiffe  
Rosalie Plowaty  
1986      Liz Argue  
Tanya Beglitsoff Certificate of Appreciation
Jane Cooney  
Don Hagen  
Julia Hastings  
Gary Lievre  
1985     Jan Downhower  
George Madatian  
Margaret Pankratz  
Don Schaafsma  
Lourene Vail Continuing Service
1984   Iris Douglas  
Karen Johnson  
Don Miller  
1983   Mary Ann Andrews  
Glen Perrin  
George Wartenberg  
1982    Jane Malmgren  
Clover Moffat  
Nancy Palermo  
Wealthy Slattery  
1981     Marilyn Colyar  
Jim Harvey  
John Lusche, Sr.  
Donald Nydam  
Barbara Roberts  
1980    Nancy Francis  
Marilyn Pieroni  
Dennis Sanchez  
Thelma Stanley  
1979    Jerry Klocek  
Carolyn Northern  
Wesley C. Seastrom  
Helen Smith  
1978  Silsby Eastman  
Joseph Kidushim  
1977  Sue Schechter  
Richard Wilkinson Continuing Service
1976  John Beger  
Lois Brough  
1975  John Kelsey  
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Larsen  
1974  Mary Jane Ellis  
James McDonnell  
1973 Rahla Hall  
1972  Anne Christopher  
Robert Hoagland  
1971  Sally Moore  
John Murphy  
1970  Gerry Bittner  
Fred Hansen  
1969 Richard DeGrey  
1968 Virginia Frank  
1967 Douglas Coe  
1966 James Eaton  
1965 Ruth Lindegren  
1964 Jane Hogle