Request for Reimbursement:

  1. Download Reimbursement Form.
  2. Fill out completely: Remember, we can only reimburse approved budgeted expenses. Please indicate budget line item where expense is to be allocated.
  3. Staple original receipts to form.
  4. Place in the Treasurer’s folder in the LCHS PTA box located in the Administration office.


Cash Verification Form:

  1. Download Cash Verification Form.
  2. Count money and fill out Cash Verification Form – must be counted and signed off by 2 people:  lead PTSA volunteer of the event AND a PTSA Board Member (this may be the Financial Secretary).
  3. Coordinate submission of cash and form  to the PTSA Financial Secretary.
  4. Bank deposit will be made by the PTSA Financial Secretary.
  5. Place a copy of Cash Verification Form in PTSA Treasurer folder or email for bank reconciliations.