The La Canada High School PTSA supports a wide range of programs and activities on campus.  We encourage everyone to get involved.   Please reach out to anyone below if you are interested in helping.   Email Tamar or Doreen and they will get you to the right person.

Tamar Tujian:
Doreen Aitelli:

1st VP Programs — Sharon Grey & Frances Delgatty

  • Reflections: Open
  • Founders Day: Joanna Banks
  • Red Ribbon Week: Frances Delgatty
  • Disaster Preparedness: Stephen Kalb
  • Wellness Center: Melissa Mazin

2nd VP Ways and Means – Suzanne Jensen

  • Spirit Wear: Miki Gill
  • Value Card: Open
  • Football Food Booth: Deb Parker and Chris Carrier
  • Home Tour: Suzanne Jensen
  • Ralphs/Amazon/eScrip: Susan Callahan

3rd VP Volunteers — Doreen Aitelli

  • Registration: Doreen Aitelli
  • Photo Make-Up Day: Helen Kerstein and Elizabeth Flynn
  • Hearing  Test: Andy Klemmer
  • Servathon: Open
  • Senior Activities: Kathy Kovalcik
  • Helping Hands: Doreen Aitelli

4th VP Communications — Betty Bredemann

  • Online Orders: Lily Manoukian
  • Directory: Susan Haleblian
  • Email: Doreen Aitelli
  • Website: Sugi Sorensen
  • Legislation: Open

5th VP Hospitality — Mona Massabki & Lamia Bolotin

  • Teacher Luncheons (BTS, Holiday and Appreciation): 
  • Registration Volunteer support:
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: 
  • Testing Docent Support: 
  • Monthly Meeting hospitality:

6th VP Membership — Ellen Portantino & Lisa Henderson

  • New Family Social: Mijung Konakov
  • PTSA Scholarships: Lisa Henderson
  • Students of the Quarter: Lisa Henderson and Frances Delgatty
  • Liaison to Student Members: Frances Delgatty
  • Tailgate: Tracey Nelson and Frances Delgatty
  • Freshman Family Coffee: Monica Euredjian
  • Outreach:  Open